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what is yoga?

Yoga literally means union. This union can be experienced if the student is searching for a mindful way to exercise.  Yb YOGA BAR offers a variety of different styles of Yoga.  The benefits of taking Yoga classes is to increase mobility in the joints such as the hips, back and shoulders. Strengthen and tone the body with detailed verbal instruction to achieve your optimal blueprint of alignment.  Increase lung capacity by keeping the quality of the breath at the forefront of your practice.  Students gravitate towards us who are particularly interested in post physical therapy options or who want to avoid injury while engaging in a challenging workout. "The extraordinary experience gained by controlling the modifications of the mind is itself called Yoga." Sri Swami Satchidananda  "If you can control the rising of the mind into ripples, you will experience Yoga." Patanjali- ancient sage and author of the Yoga Sutras. 

what equipment do I need?

This will depend on whether you are taking a virtual or in studio class.  What they both have in common is really up to the participants' choice to enhance their practice. For example, in a studio yoga class, all students are required to bring their personal mat.  Props such as straps, blocks and blankets are available for use.  For studio Bar classes, ballet barres are available as well as other props. Due to Covid 19 , we are requiring all participants to thoroughly clean what has been used during class. To learn more about cleaning protocols or when you should reschedule your in studio class, click here.  If you would like to bring your own props, please email us this request in order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your workout.  We are also prepared to offer modifications and options for beginners and advanced students alike.  For virtual classes, a mat is always required.  Additionally for Yoga, we recommend having yoga blocks and a strap handy.  In Bar virtual classes, a thicker mat is recommended.  You won't need a ballet barre to get all the benefits for the leg workouts.  The instructors usually teach with a chair or wall, that way you have a real time example on how to properly execute the moves.  For more tips on taking a virtual class, check out this blog.

will I get a workout?

Absolutely! We follow guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine, Yoga training, dance, Pilates and physical therapy.  To stay up to date with our certifications, we must take continuing education courses.  By taking our classes, you also benefit from the latest techniques and technological, never ending advancements that are available in the fitness and wellness industry.  You will walk away with the right amount of soreness so you have more than enough energy to sustain your day and a good night rest.  If you're looking for ways to train smarter not harder, you've come to the right place. 

how big are class sizes?

YB Yoga Bar is a boutique studio.  Our mission is to truly connect with our members therefore our classes will always be small.  Currently, our in studio classes are at a max capacity of 8.  

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