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My Unity Music

We are vibrational beings.  Sound waves move at a frequency and our energy field harmonizes with those vibes.  Not all music is created with the highest quality or intention for that matter. Think of it as food.  There's food that's been heavily processed and there's fresh food.  We know that fresh food is better in many circumstances.  We're here to serve the freshest sound so your body can heal itself at a higher rate.  Think of getting music from this site the equivalent to 'farm to table' experience. 

These are sounds from the purest frequencies using high quality crystal singing bowls and tuning forks when you need to drop in a meditative, Theta or Gamma brain wave state.  For a mood boost and enhanced Beta brain wave flow, check out the elevated vintage breaks and conscious hip hop tracks. 

Madre Tierra coming soon

Translates to "Mother Earth" in Spanish.  This elevated vintage break beat with a booming bass, has a resounding "C" singing bowl to activate the root chakra and the space for the cells to 'de puff' putting the listener at a heightened state of healing.  Artist / Producer - Kathleen "Kata" Taboada

Paradise Breaks at The VibeTribe

Live performance by Kata 8/9/22

Ground Sound Bath

It may take years or never for some to attain the benefits of a meditation practice. Benefits are to experience a state of effortless and ease in the mind and body.  This track gives you instant access to the flow state.  We recommend to find quiet space using headphones can be helpful.  Play it for 5, 10 or 47 mins and you'll feel the energy shift.  Harmonize the flow between the root, the heart, the third eye and back the root all while supported by the Earth frequency 136 HZ. Total album is 500mb wav file for higher quality audio. Nutrition rich sound for the body and soul.

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